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Official Biography

Singer-songwriter Tyler Preston hails from Juneau, Alaska, though he spends most of the year on the road. He has released four albums since 2009, and his concerts have been well-received on several tours through the US and Canada. Preston’s music is soulful and timeless, at turns haunting and hopeful— the howl of a lone wolf wandering along the border between Appalachian country and Delta blues. He sounds a little like Van Morrison and Lightnin’ Hopkins out for a night on the town with Tallest Man On Earth and Shakey Graves.

Career Highlights

  • Finalist, Project M Songwriter Competition 105.5 Triple M Radio (2015)
  • Nominated Best New Artist & Best Guitarist, Madison Area Music Awards (2013)
  • Runner-up, KXLL Battle Of The Bands, Juneau, Alaska (2011)

Links to Tyler Preston’s Official Networks

Preston’s most active websites and social networks are:

Preston’s music is available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and many other online music outlets, but Bandcamp is his favorite place for people to find and purchase his music.

Audio Approved For Media Use

If you need to embed or stream a song, streaming audio can be found at For a digital download, write to

Good songs to feature include:

Video Approved For Media Use

Preston only has a few official videos, and most of his concert videos are provided by fans; videos linked below contain content that both Preston and the filmmaker have approved for use:

Close To The Line (Live at Jake’s Pub in Wallingford, CT)
Love That’ll Last (Live at the High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI)
Changes (Album Release Trailer)

Feel free to use/embed other videos of Preston’s performances, but please clear them with the owners and ensure they do not contain cover songs.

Graphics: Logos, Photos, Posters, Etc.

Will be provided upon request. Please direct any and all inquiries to

Merchandise & Tips

Merchandise and tips are an important source of income for Preston. As such, we request that you please provide a table sufficiently large enough to accommodate an open guitar case (ie, Preston’s merch box) in a well-lit area close to the entrance/exit of the venue. A standard 72″ folding table is perfect for this.

Tech Rider/Sound System Requirements

Preston is currently touring solo with an acoustic guitar and a foot percussion box. It’s a basic, no-frills setup suitable for all kinds of venues. Here are some notes for you, depending on your venue—

For venues that do not provide a house PA: Totally cool. Preston is traveling with a Roland Cube Street + his own mic + stands + cables. It is a lightweight system suitable for a small outdoor patio or a relaxed 50-person room. If you have a bigger room or tend to attract a rowdier crowd, more firepower may be necessary.

For venues that provide a house PA: Sweet. Preston loves using house PAs and is comfortable running his own sound. That said, PAs and stages come in many varieties and states of (dis)array— any directions or guidance you can offer about your particular PA system & stage would be much appreciated.

Venues that provide house PA & soundman: Thanks! You are the best. Here’s a stage plot* and input list for your soundman.

**ALL VENUES**: Set-up & soundcheck are very important to Preston, and when possible he prefers to setup & soundcheck a few hours before showtime to avoid having to do so in front of the audience. He understand this isn’t always feasible, but when it is, he likes to take advantage of the opportunity. Please be sure to let us know the earliest time that Preston can load in/set-up/soundcheck at your venue.