NEW EP OUT! Story and link below…

Alright, time to explain a bit here:

I crashed my car last Friday leaving Jamestown, Co. I was driving a bit fast, listening to rock & roll a bit too loud, and flipped it over on its side in James Canyon outside Boulder. Oops.

I am fine, no worries there. But the car is not. And I could use your help in getting it rolling again…

So, to raise money for repairs so I can keep the tour going smoothly, I’m releasing the Somebody That Loves You EP.

I recorded these songs approximately two weeks ago with my friend Kyle Spotted Elk Daniels at his studio in St Louis. We’re both really happy with the way they turned out, and we are so excited to share them with you.


The EP is just $5 dollars, and is available exclusively through BandCamp. It features two new originals, and two new covers. Mp3s, lyrics, and credits are all up and waiting for you to check out over at my BandCamp page.

Please be aware: I have set this EP to pay-as-you-like, so if you can afford to kick in a bit more cash, I would be truly grateful for an extra $20 or $50 towards helping me get the car repaired.

I have to get to Utah by Friday to stay on schedule for the tour, and I’ve already spent most of my roll getting the car out of the ditch and the tires put back on, and I’m anticipating upwards of $1000 costs to repair all the damage. Any help you’re willing to offer would mean the world to me.

I need a car to adventure, I need adventure to live, and I need to live to write songs *FOR YOU* — for me, the rest is just details. No matter what happens, I will be out here on the road making music for you. And regardless of what you can give, I sincerely hope you enjoy the tunes.

Much love from Boulder, Colorado — T.

Please leave a comment, re-share, and encourage your friends to purchase a copy as well. Every little bit helps! Thanks again—

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