Hello From Wichita!

What’s up beautiful people, Tyler here with a quick update for ya today. I’m in Wichita, Kansas today; had a great show at Kirby’s last night and am looking forward to another there this evening with Maria Elena and the Kirby’s house band.

Things are going swimmingly. Consistently tripling (and even quadrupling) my estimated draw and income at all my shows so far. Getting a great response for my work on Close To The Line and my newer tunes like “Somebody That Loves You”, “Wait & See”, and “Driftwood”, among others.

Little busy with emails and other homework today, so I’m gonna leave off here, but look for a new video on youtube going up in just a couple of minutes, and I will plan to touch base again next Monday when I’ve finished the first half of my Colorado run.

Cheers from Wichita—


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