Notes From A Rainy Monday in White River Junction

Excellent weekend! pulled off three gigs in three days: played Burt’s Irish Pub in Stowe on Friday night, brunch at Bagito’s in Montpelier on Saturday, and afternoon BBQ at Big Fattie’s on Sunday.

In between, I managed to scope out several other joints in Montpelier and Barre, such as Charlie O’s, a funky little dive bar, and Positive Pie, a tastefully modernized, slightly upscale pizza parlor. Both very cool; looking forward to getting in touch with them and hopefully returning in the future for another beer AND a show.

Speaking of which: I booked my next show at Stone Corral Brewing Company in Richmond, Vermont. I will be returning there for a gig on Thursday, June 15. My plan is to book another couple of shows in the area to round out the schedule for that weekend, and then to connect that string of shows to my July 1 show in Wallingford. After that my gig schedule will be more solid. I’m having no trouble booking and busking so far and the rhythm of the road will only get easier to keep up with as I continue to develop my circuit and secure gigs further and further in the future.

Anyways, post-gig at Big Fattie’s my friend M and I went over to Hanover for a couple rounds; we hit Salt Hill Pub and Canoe Club, two other venues that I am looking into. Both were fun, on the mellow side (it was a Sunday night after all), but we did run into several folks that Micah knew and had a relaxing and entertaining evening in spite of what I would term a general lack of exciting action and activity. 

There was a little excitement though: After we left Canoe Club, M and I stopped on the sidewalk to have a smoke. While we were smoking he said that he needed to take a look at the wall. I suggested that he pop into the alley for a moment. He did. While he was back there he found a 2/3 full case of Coor’s Light— what luck! So, after returning to his house, we ended the night sipping Rocky Mountain spring water and discussing the fine points of hip hop with his friend W.

Finally at about 1a I decided it was bed time so I rolled out to sleep in the Element. It was drizzling rain, but the temperature was around 63 degrees so I slept with the rear hatch window open to the outside. The futon was super comfortable, and listening to the rain and breathing in the damp, fresh air was incredibly relaxing as I fell asleep.

So, that was my weekend. It’s Monday now. I’m still in White River Junction. Thinking I will play again at Big Fattie’s this evening and take off for Boston or Worcester in Massachussetts via Manchester, New Hampshire tomorrow. After that, I’m not 100% sure, but I’m thinking that Myrtle Beach is in my not-too-distant future.

Finally In My Element

Since leaving Alaska on May 1st, I’ve spent the last two weeks in limbo, mostly in Burlington, Vermont. I’ve successfully acquired a reliable touring vehicle, booked and played two very fun and entertaining gigs at Stone Corral Brewing Co., conducted several afternoon busking sessions on Church Street, and met a number of very cool, down-to-earth Vermonters.

Now I’m pleased to say that my time in limbo is finally over. My Alaskan license plates & vehicle registration for my “new” 2005 Honda Element have arrived, and I am officially free to ramble as I please.

So naturally I am sitting in Starbucks, enjoying the air conditioning, and not going anywhere for the moment.

To be honest I have a few things to wrap up yet here in Burlington before I can hit the road: I’m still waiting on the futon mattress for the back of the Element, and also for my driver’s license to come in from Alaska (it arrived too late for my dad to send it with the plates).

No big deal though; hanging for a few days will be fun. It’s graduation weekend here in Burlington, which means the students and their parents will be brunching and ice-creaming all over downtown, so busking is likely to be lucrative. And of course I’ve got a few dates lined up to keep me entertained in the evenings after busking hours are over.

I also need a few days to buckle down and put in some computer-time networking and booking gigs. I have leads to follow up in Stowe, Montpelier, White River Junction, and New Haven right now, and more prospective places to look into than I know what to do with. Seems like everyone I meet knows a cool little joint in the next town over that I need to check out…

Still, since this new plan is being improvised as we speak, I don’t have many gigs on the calendar yet*. I booked one yesterday at Jake’s down in Wallingford, Connecticut for Saturday, July 1st, but leading up to that date my schedule is likely to be spotty at best: lots of pop-up gigs and busking; nothing with any significant promotion.

Regardless, I am very optimistic about this new endeavor. I have the skillset and the mindset to make this a successful summer ramble, one that I anticipate may carry me down to New Orleans by Christmas.


*We haven’t really talked about it, but less than three months ago I was in Alaska, making plans to open a guitar shop. That all fell apart when I realized two things: 1) Juneau is too small of a town for me; and 2) like General Patton said, fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man. Locking myself into a three-year lease to take a swing at running a retail shop & teaching studio would have prevented me from pursuing my performance career, which has always been my true ambition.